Galaxy S21 FE 5G Clear Strap Cover

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Hybrid material for stronger defense

The Clear Cover delivers strengthened protection from shocks with a hybrid PC safeguarding the rear, along with a flexible TPU bumper around all four sides.

Galaxy S21 FE 5G with the Slim Strap Cover hovering over the back of the phone. A close up shows the protective corners on the case.

Colors to match your style

With a see-through back, you can enjoy your phone’s design while mix and matching color combos with two different strap colors. The straps are detachable, letting you easily switch it up depending on your outfit of the day, mood or the weather.

Four Galaxy S21 FE 5G phones, all seen from the rear with the Slim Strap Cover installed to show the different combinations of phone colors and strap colors.

Safe in your grip

Worry less about your phone taking a spill. Simply slip your finger through the conveniently placed strap for a comfortable, secure grip that helps prevent accidental drops.

A hand holding Galaxy S21 FE 5G with the Slim Strap Cover installed.

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