Ốp lưng Aramid Z Flip3 5G

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Slim-line safeguarding


The Aramid Cover protects without being a bulky addition to your phone. It is designed with a slim form factor, keeping the sleek design of your phone intact.

Two Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phones, unfolded with the Aramid Cover installed. One seen from the rear and one seen from the front with a colorful wallpaper onscreen. Both are seen at an angle to show the slim profile of the case.

*It is recommended to remove the cover from Galaxy Z Flip3 5G before using Wireless PowerShare.

Designed for durability

The Aramid material is durable — even against scratches — so it stays safe in your pocket or purse with ease. Protect your phone's corners and exterior to keep it safe from damage.

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in Flex mode seen from the rear with the Aramid Cover installed. It balances on a corner of the hinge.

Helps your hands hold on

Add protection while maintaining Galaxy Z Flip3 5G's shape and the pocketable compact size. The thin material wraps around your phone and while enhancing the grip so your hands stay comfortable.

A hand holding folded Galaxy Z Flip3 5G with the Aramid Cover installed.

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